American Extractions Enters Hemp Derived D-9 Category

American Extractions is proud to announce entry into the legal, hemp derived Delta-9 THC category. This exciting development will help our brand partners stay on the cutting edge of the hemp and CBD industry and continue to find profitable growth in a fast-changing and sometimes confusing category.

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, congress separated hemp and marijuana based on Delta-9 THC content. The definition of legal hemp products includes a threshold of no more than .3% Delta-9 THC as a percentage of “dry weight.”

This definition was challenged in the Ninth Circuit Court (in a case concerning Delta-8 THC) and was upheld. Furthermore, the DEA has confirmed their view on enforcement is consistent with the definition in the 2018 Farm Bill and Ninth Circuit Court.

This is good news for consumers, brands and manufacturers of legal, hemp derived THC products. While many THC derivatives are synthetically created and not specifically mentioned in the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta-9 THC is naturally found in both hemp and marijuana, making it the most natural and clear-cut form of hemp derived THC. As Delta-9 THC is the dominant cannabinoid found in marijuana, it is the preferred form of THC in the “hemp derived” THC category.

American Extractions is currently producing and offering partner brands access to hemp derived Delta-9 THC products of all kinds. As a “one stop shop” for this new and exciting category,” we are offering gummies, chews, candies, powdered beverage mixes, seltzers and waters, water soluble ingredients and more.

Make American Extractions your partner of choice for legal, hemp derived Delta-9 products. Let us know how we can support your brand today!

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