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White Label, Private Label Gummy Manufacturing 

Custom Formulations, Functional Benefits, End-to-End Manufacturing 

American Extractions is a leading supplement manufacturer offering white label, private label and custom formulation services for gummies and fruit chews. Gummies are becoming an increasingly popular delivery system for vitamins, supplements, CBD, hemp-derived THC and other health and wellness compounds. By working with American Extractions as your manufacturer, you have a partner that stays on the cutting edge of gummy and supplement technology, leading the way with products like nootropics, functional mushrooms and other benefit-focused gummies and fruit chews.

It can be challenging to find a gummy manufacturer that can meet your formulation, price and MOQ demands. Fortunately, American Extractions offers world class formulation and gummy manufacturing services to meet your specific requirements on taste, color, and texture, all with fast lead times and low MOQs. Bring us your current gummy formulation or leverage our R&D team to help develop a unique gummy for your brand.

American Extractions’ gummies are vegan, using natural fruit pectin as a gelling agent instead of gelatin. We use only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients including real fruit compote and dehydrated fruit for flavor and color. We also partner with the nation’s leading flavor and color suppliers to incorporate natural and organic flavors and colors into our menu of options. With countless options for flavor, color, texture, shape and active ingredients, we are the partner of choice for brands looking to stand out in an ever-crowded marketplace of gummies and fruit chews.

American Extractions also manufactures CBD gummies and hemp-derived THC gummies for several of the largest brands in the industry. With ever-changing compliance standards, it’s important to have an experienced, professional gummy manufacturer for your CBD and hemp derived THC gummies and fruit chews. Rigorous third-party testing and quality standards are crucial to ensure your brand operates withing regulatory standards to capture the high demand of profitable CBD and hemp derived D9 gummy sales.

Custom and specialty gummy manufacturer

White Label, Private Label, Custom Formulation Services

Vitamins, minerals, functional mushrooms, nootropics, and more

Fast lead times, low MOQs

Reverse engineering, shape and color matching, expert R&D services

All natural, organic and vegan ingredients

CBD, hemp-derived THC, minor cannabinoids

Have a new or existing formula? Ask us about our R&D, custom formulation, and manufacturing services.

OSHA Compliance

No Harsh Chemicals

Non GMO – Gluten Free

3rd Party Tested

Rigorous Quality Standards

About Us

Proprietary Extraction. Excellence in Manufacturing. 

World Class Products.

Our mission is to provide healing, health and hope by leveraging our technologies to deliver premium products to world class brands. We aim to deliver profitable growth for our partners and positive life change for their end users.


    What are your MOQ's?

    We pride ourselves in having some of the most competitive MOQs in the industry. MOQs vary based on project type, contact us for a quote. 

    What are your lead times?

    Depending on the scope of your project, lead times range from 4-12 weeks 

    Can you reverse engineer my product?

    Yes. American Extractions offers custom formulation services that can replicate existing products or formulate a new one.