American Extractions Installs High Capacity Gummy Machine

Over the last several years, gummies have surpassed pills and liquids as the preferred delivery system for supplements. Gummies allow for precise dosing and are convenient and delicious.

While gummies have been sweeping the overall nutrition industry, the CBD and legal THC markets have been no different. Brands and consumers alike are looking for innovative, high-quality gummies at an affordable price.

American Extractions is a leading manufacturer of CBD, legal THC and plant extracted finished consumer products. We are proud to announce the arrival and installation of our brand new, state-of-the-art, gummy machine.

This advanced machine boasts capacity of over 15,000 gummies per hour and is fully capable of producing both standard and unique gummy formulations. American Extractions sources and retains the highest quality, most healthful ingredients and can meet specs for any custom product.

The 10-year forecast for gummies in the supplement space shows no sign of slowing down. Whether you are looking to source CBD and legal THC gummies, or a functional blend using nature’s best ingredients, American Extractions is your partner of choice for premium, affordable gummies and chews.

Not happy with your current supplier? We hear that a lot. Our quality control standards and “partner first” culture make American Extractions a welcomed addition to the gummy manufacturing space. Choose from our outstanding “off the shelf” formulations that use REAL FRUIT with nothing artificial added, or bring us specs for your dream gummy.

We look forward to working with you!

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