Hemp-Derived Delta 9-DISC

Delta-9 THC is the naturally-occurring, common THC molecule found in the cannabis plant. While both hemp and marijuana are part of the cannabis family, they are categorized, in part, based on the amount of THC in the plant. Per the 2018 Farm Act, hemp is categorized as cannabis containing less than .3% THC. Marijuana is cannabis containing more than .3% THC. While only certain states have legalized marijuana for medicinal and or recreational use, THC derived from hemp is legal in almost every state as long as it falls under the .3% threshold by dry weight in a finished product.

American Extractions manufactures a variety of standard and custom hemp-derived Delta-9 THC products that are under the legal .3% limit, nano sized and 3rd party tested.

Derived from hemp
✓ Fully compliant under .3%
✓  Available in gummy, beverage, tincture and other formats
✓  Standard and custom D9 potencies available
✓  Nano sizing resulting in faster uptake
✓  Carefully 3rd party tested to ensure compliance

Available in gummy, beverage, tincture, powder stick packs and other formats