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American Extractions is your destination for white label, private label, and contract manufacturing services in the alternative supplement, nootropic, functional mushroom, CBD, hemp derived THC, and adaptogen categories. We offer a wide range of manufacturing services to deliver world class products to premium brands. Our capabilities cover a wide range of product forms, including gummies and fruit chews, powdered drink mixes, pet treats, tinctures, bulk extracts, tablets, topicals, and more. Whether you’re looking for a co-packer, wanting to launch a new brand or expand your existing product line, we have solutions to meet your manufacturing needs.  

Select products from our white label offering, customize in our private label program or bring us your idea and leverage our contract manufacturing services. With competitive pricing, low MOQs and best-in-class custom formulation and R&D services, we exist to support your brand’s growth. 

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American Extractions manufacturers gummies for the supplement, health and wellness, and hemp categories. We offer white label, private label and custom formulation services and use only the highest quality ingredients including real fruit pectin (vegan), dehydrated fruit and fruit compote (for flavor and color), and tapioca syrup (vs. corn syrup), to name a few.

White Label | Private Label | Custom Formulations

Powdered Drink Mixes

Powdered drink mixes are a versatile way to incorporate just about any active ingredient into beverages with a fraction of the costs associated with traditional canned or bottled drinks. American Extractions manufactures powdered drink mixes into stick packs, sachets, small tubs, and bulk containers. We offer several white label products for hydration, relaxation, and mental focus and can fully customize for size, potency, flavor, color, function, active ingredients, and more.

White Label | Private Label | Custom Formulations

Pet Products

American Extractions specializes in manufacturing pet products in the form of treats and liquid extracts. Our pet products can be formulated using a variety of active ingredients including CBD, minor cannabinoids, healthful herbs, essential oils, and other active ingredients and can target specific issues like pain relief, increased mobility, anxiety and more.  

White Label | Private Label | Custom Formulations


Tinctures are liquid extracts that are taken sublingually (under the tongue) or added to certain food and beverages. American Extractions manufactures tinctures in a variety of strengths and flavors for white label and can fully customize with CBD, hemp derived THC, minor cannabinoids, terpenes and other active ingredients to meet the requirements of your specific product 

blank labeled pump bottle and dollop of foam

White Label | Private Label | Custom Formulations

Pain Foam

Our Pain Relief Foam stands out with its unique pump and foam delivery system, designed for superior user convenience and effectiveness. We specialize in incorporating menthol for FDA-approved pain relief, along with the advanced nano-size cannabinoid healing properties of Whole Spectrum™ CBD. Our formulation features a soft foam texture for smooth, non-greasy topical application, delivering fast-acting relief. 

3 blank labeled bottles of health and energy shots

White Label | Private Label | Custom Formulations

Health And Energy Shots

Health and Energy Shots are revolutionizing the general health and wellness market. We offer a variety of health and energy shots, including immunity boosters, detoxifiers, and sleep enhancers, available for white label. We can custom formulate our shots with ingredients like vitamins, adaptogenic herbs, functional mushrooms, caffeine, CBD, hemp-derived THC, minor cannabinoids, and more. Our shots are available in convenient and portable formats to suit any lifestyle.